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Corporate identity is often seen as a combination of visual elements, which are used in many applications to promote the perception of an organization. Originally, it was synonymous with official nomenclature, logos, the house style and visual elements, but in time, visual personality and corporate strategy have become completely linked.

Some marketing specialists regard corporate identity as the core of an organization's existence, made up of its history, beliefs, philosophy, technology, people, its ethical and cultural values, and strategies. Corporate identity also helps determine the positioning of an organization regarding its markets and competitors.

A corporate identity is a manner which business, firm or corporation presents themselves to the people, such as investors and customers as well as employees. It is a first task of the corporate communications department to maintain and build this integrity to accord with and facilitate marketing objectives. It is typically visually displayed by way of branding, and the use of brands, But also includes things like product design, promotion, and public relations.

In general, this amounts to a corporate title, logo and supporting devices commonly grouped within a set of guidelines. These guidelines dictate how the identity is applied and would include approved color palettes, typefaces, page layouts and other such.

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